not much to look at

I finished those dastardly black Flocks™!  I took a photo, but it’s really hard to photograph black  yarn.


I did 1×1 ribbing for 2″ for the cuff, then the leg and instep I did a 7×1 rib.  The heel was done over 40 stitches and 3″ in length.  I worked the foot for 9.75″ before beginning the toe decreases.  The Knit Picks yarn is very soft and in looking at the label I see it’s actually a merino/nylon sock yarn.  I washed & dried them and they’ve developed a little halo.

So glad to have finished them!  As an antidote to the black yarn, I’ve started a pair of rainbow bright socks using the Zauberball yarn I got in Edmonton.

Because it was his birthday, Apollo also got to model the socks:

you can see a bit of the ribbing detail

Oh, Apollo thanks everyone for their nice birthday greetings.  He and Sabrina had bacon-wrapped meatloaf and mashed potatoes in addition to their regular kibble/chicken supper.  No birthday cake, but I had a President’s Choice dark chocolate and almond bar in celebration.  A friend stopped by for supper and some knitting afterward, so it was a good evening all around.


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