“I’m workin’ here” *

*apologies to Dustin Hoffman

Yesterday I spent several hours working in my office.  I was working away, Apollo was snoozing beside me, but bossy cow Sabrina kept being a pest, whining, pacing, getting in between my chair and the wall, etc.  There was room for her to share the big donut with Apollo but she just wouldn’t settle.

I had to stomp out to the living room, grab one of the SIX beds there and bring it back and cram it behind my chair.  She flopped down and within minutes was snoring.

don't be mad, mummy

News flash – still farking cold here.  At least it’s sunny.


4 thoughts on ““I’m workin’ here” *”

  1. I feel like I spent the ENTIRE day seeing to the dogs’ comfort… with temps below 10, they can’t get their normal exercise, and they are so NEEDY! Why is one bed better than the next? Why is one in the wrong place, and the one the other dog is on “better”?

    I’m gonna’ throw all the poofs in the living room tomorrow morning, and then hide out upstairs, behind a closed door. Maybe then I’ll get something accomplished other than being a dog valet!

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