I changed my mind

So I was knitting away on those socks,

Zauberball Crazy socks; now, but not for long

but found myself distracted by this cute mitten pattern. So I ripped the socks out and started the mittens.

My sister came over to borrow my scanner today to scan some pics.  I found this great photo in the old photos:

my nephew Riley gets a hair cut!

Oh my Dog, the bad hair, the bad glasses!  That must have been circa 1990?  And that was the last time I let the big fella “help” me pick out glasses frames.  Good gawd (and thank you, Lasik!).

I then found this pic from about 4 years ago:

such easy hair

Actually I just checked and it was Christmas Day 2004.  Five years ago when I was a fresh-faced 41 year old.  Oh, how I loved having my hair so short and care-free.  Sigh.


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