I changed my mind

So I was knitting away on those socks,

Zauberball Crazy socks; now, but not for long

but found myself distracted by this cute mitten pattern. So I ripped the socks out and started the mittens.

My sister came over to borrow my scanner today to scan some pics.  I found this great photo in the old photos:

my nephew Riley gets a hair cut!

Oh my Dog, the bad hair, the bad glasses!  That must have been circa 1990?  And that was the last time I let the big fella “help” me pick out glasses frames.  Good gawd (and thank you, Lasik!).

I then found this pic from about 4 years ago:

such easy hair

Actually I just checked and it was Christmas Day 2004.  Five years ago when I was a fresh-faced 41 year old.  Oh, how I loved having my hair so short and care-free.  Sigh.


5 thoughts on “I changed my mind”

  1. You look good no matter what your hair looks like. But you can not blame the big fella for those glasses! They didn’t make them any smaller back then!

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