no motivation

With the continuing brutal cold weather, there’s absolutely no motivation for a skinny hound to get out of a warm bed:

go away!

Refusal #1.

are you here to beat me with a stick?

Refusal #2.  (Apollo occasionally still has some “oh noes, this is the time you’re going to beat me with a stick” moments when he’s startled awake.)

“Cool things in the mail” department:

hmmm, what could it be?!


well, what's THAT?!


hmm, it has something to do with paper ...


oh, cool! It's a staple-less stapler!

I found it here for a fraction of the price I saw it at office supply stores.  A couple of weeks ago when I was organizing all the loose printed-off-the-internet knitting patterns, many of them were stapled.  That many stacked up made the top left corner of the binder bulky and awkward.  I found that the no-staple stapler doesn’t add much bulk at all, but keeps the pages secured together.  Cool!

So I was up in Waskesiu this morning; had a thing I was doing up there for two hours, and add on two hours’ driving and now I’m tired.  I got a new dvd in the mail today from, so I think I’ll put the computer away and grab my knitting for a little while.


2 thoughts on “no motivation”

  1. Tigger sometimes has ‘No, don’t hit me’ moments if you raise your hand and he really doesn’t like people with walking sticks. How could anyone hit these beautiful, loving dogs? If I knew had hurt him in the past I am afraid I would want to hurt them.
    The good news is that the elderly man we meet on our walks now hides his stick behind him and Tigger will go to him for a fuss.

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