somewhere there’s a three-legged poodle

limping around.  I came out yesterday morning into the living room and was greeted by:

oh noes!

-Someone- ripped a leg off one of the five squeaky poodles laying around here.  Hmm, this reminds me of that missing bunny ear that never did resurface, even when we moved to our new house.

what?! is that our daddy coming home?!

(It wasn’t.  Oh, the crushing disappointment …)

How Sabrina spent a good part of the morning

It actually warmed up enough that the poopers got to go for a short walk yesterday and a longer walk today when the big fella got home from work.  Happy!

well, I'm sure glad we dropped $150 on that quilt at the greyhound auction ...

I picked out a few recipes to try for Christmas baking.  I made two today – these Cranberry Shortbread bars and these Butter Tart Squares. The cranberry bars are excellent – will definitely make them again! The butter tart squares taste okay, but the top got so, so dark before the filling finally set enough. I would research a couple different recipes to see what baking time/temps are for other recipes.  I found the recipes on the Joy of Baking web site.


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