those lazy hounds wouldn’t do it

so I had to put our tree up yesterday. This is the first time we’ve had a full-sized tree with Apollo, and I think also with Sabrina. Of course she, being the queen of bossy cows, has already broken three ornaments pushing her way past the tree to look out the window upon her domain.

"what?! You're going to put a tree IN the living room?!"

I admit I watched Apollo closely while he inspected the tree in case he decided to lift a leg.  But he was actually a little afraid of it – at least for it being some new strange thing in the living room.

"but why is it there? is it moving up behind me?"

The big fella got out of helping with the tree by running off to work a shift doing Checkstop.  Since he’s in plainclothes investigations he doesn’t get a chance any more to do operational policing.  So he went out for 8 or 9 hours last night and had fun.

ready to play

By the evening, Apollo wasn’t worried about the tree any more.

visions of meatloaf dancing in his head

I’ve been busy working on some final Christmas knitting and planning my week to get everything done for supper on the 25th.  And it’s the big fella’s birthday tomorrow.  Instead of a cake he wants more of those cranberry shortbread bars.  I’ve got the butter softening right now and will whip another batch up right away.

"yeah, but what are you making US?!"

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