more Xmas

the tree (after Sabrina's redecorating efforts)

We had a nice day yesterday – opened our gifts, tidied the house, made supper for the fam.

Sabrina ripped into her present with vigour


Apollo needed his daddy's help to open the scary paper bag


where's the bunny?!


Sabrina hogs the new toys

The big fella got me an external flash for my camera.  It’s the Canon speedlight EX270.  Very cool.  The on-board flash is adequate, but in our living room I usually have to over-expose the pics to get them light enough.  I was eager to try the external flash:

wow - what a difference!

It has bounce capability, so this photo was bouncing the flash off the ceiling.  I was almost shocked at the difference in quality.

He also got me a RC-1 remote for the camera as well. Also very cool. You can use it as a self-timer and also just as a remote to fire the shutter when you’re not behind the camera:

but I wasn't there!

I had the camera on my knitting end table but I was actully sitting on the opposite side of the room with the remote.  Cool!  Very happy with both!

is it supper time yet?


heading out on Xmas eve

One thought on “more Xmas”

  1. Jim got Ella a new squeaky toy, then HE killed the squeaker in it the first day! So yeaterday it had a squeakerectomy and all is right in the world again.

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