food and project deets

but first a Hallmark moment:


She’s such a daddy’s girl.

"this is MY daddy"


going for a Christmas Day walk

We had bacon breakfast casserole after we opened gifts. The menu for Friday’s supper was the (ginormous) turkey, old fashioned bread and celery stuffing, gravy, crock pot cream cheese mashed potatoes*, green bean casserole, steamed baby carrots, bacon and broccoli salad, buns, and cheesecake with raspberry topping for dessert.  I also had a tray of baking, but we didn’t get to that.

* I can’t find the recipe online to link to for the potatoes, but it’s pretty simple:

5 lb russet potatoes; peel & quarter, boil until tender.  Drain and mash with 8 oz. softened cream cheese, 1 stick butter, about 1/2 to 3/4 cup cream.  (I used heavy cream.)  After mashing, beat with mixer until smooth.  Place into crock pot.  I did this the day before, then covered it and put it in the fridge until we had the turkey in the oven.  I cooked it on high for 1 hour, then low for about 4 hours until the turkey was ready.  So good!

my dad and his new red socks!

We had most things ready for supper so we had time to visit before the meal.

my mom and nephew (the same one that was in the haircut photo a few entries ago)


my sister and her boyfriend, Apollo's leg and the big fella in the corner

Last night Sabrina decided the ornaments needed rearranging (again):

"hmm, I think this little stuffed sheep should be moved ... there!"

(We took the tree down this afternoon.)

Apollo sleeping off his turkey hangover

So I had a couple of knitting projects in the works that couldn’t be blogged about until after they were received:

Mochi Plus Springy Ring Mittens

The pattern is here. I used Noro Silk Garden for them. I’m quite enamoured with the pattern – well, the horizontally ribbed cuff in particular. There’s also a fingering weight version. Very addicting! My sister has made several pairs already (she’s working on more in the photo above!).

Regia 6-ply red socks

These were my usual pattern for 6-ply; ribbed cuff, leg and instep.  The red is really a nice, rich cranberry.

I had a mild fit of startitis and have some new projects on the go:  The Jenny Cloche (rav link) using some Fleece Artist Scotian Silk, the double-wrap cowl using Mirasol Miski (baby llama) and a pair of the a/n Mini Mochi mittens using Noro Kureyon Sock.  I’m not sure if I’m going to keep going with those yet.  I still have Ishbel holding in my knitting drawer. I don’t have the motivation right now to work on it.

Was back on the dreadmill this aft – luckily no weight was gained over Christmas.  Yay!


6 thoughts on “food and project deets”

  1. I can’t find your socks 101 page. I have used your sock pattern for countless pairs of worsted-weight socks. However, right now, I am knitting my first pair of sock-weight yarn socks, and I can’t figure out how to adapt the heel turn numbers. Will you please help me?

      1. Thank you so much for that link! That’s exactly what I needed. I appreciate your help, and all your beautiful knitting that you show in your knitblog!

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