I was so cloche to finishing

this hat yesterday when I did my blog post.  But I finished in the evening. The “Jenny” Cloche:

super cute hat!

It was all I could do to not cast on immediately for another.  I still might!  I used Fleece Artist Scotian Silk and 6 mm needles.  I made the small size.

the sides are knit flat, then seamed; then the crown stitches are picked up around the edge


that camera remote came in handy!

Rav project page is here.

Sabrina haz an ouch.

Poor little girl has something messed up in her hips/back/neck.  In the middle of the night Sat/Sun she began yelping whenever she got up from the couch, etc.  Once she’s up, she can walk but she’s a lot slower than she usually is.  She came back to bed with me this a.m. about 3:30 and draped herself across me and didn’t move a muscle for six hours.  We have an appointment with the vet tomorrow afternoon.  We didn’t see her do anything to cause it, but she might have pulled a muscle or maybe it’s a pinched nerve or something.


3 thoughts on “I was so cloche to finishing”

  1. This hat is gorgeous. Not sure if it would suit me (read: if I would like myself in it) but it looks great and I love those colours.
    Hope you know what`s wrong with Sabrina and that it’s not too bad!

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