Sabrina update

So we had a vet appt for Tuesday afternoon.  Well, Tuesday morning she bounded out of bed, was running amok in the yard, not a yelp to be heard.  I waited until almost lunch time and she seemed to be fine, so I called and canceled the appointment.

Fast-forward to about 3 that afternoon.  I was just finishing up on the dreadmill and heard her yelp, so I came upstairs to check on her and she was lying down on one of the beds in the living room.  I finished my workout and then watched her.  She was again yelping and having pain when she put weight on her back legs to get up or shift her weight.  Poor girl.

I had to make a trip to the airport in S’toon this aft so the big fella called the vet and we have another appointment tomorrow afternoon that we’ll keep.  Even though now she’s not yelping again.  It comes and goes.  We need to see what the vet thinks.

Sabrina: "is nothing sacred?!"

Since Sunday Apollo has decided our bedroom and bed is the best place in the house to be.  Contrast that with the past year and a half where he only comes in there if we lead him by the collar and coax him up on the bed.  It’s scaaaary!  Well, I think Sabrina’s yelps in the middle of the night made him think that the bedroom was less scary than listening to her.  And it was safer to be snuggled up next to mommy in the big, tall bed than whatever was going on with his Sabrina.  🙂

So this morning, that tiny little strip of bed on the right hand side was my allocation.  I had Apollo’s head and shoulders on my chest.  So long as they’re comfortable!


2 thoughts on “Sabrina update”

  1. One of my whippets had similar symptoms at around age 7 or 8 (upper middle age?). We sometimes see disc problems in the running dogs so I restricted any activity that might cause strain on his back (no jumping, up OR down; not too much running amok in the garden; steps onto the bed; etc.). After a few weeks, all the symptoms resolved themselves. They’ve never recurred but he’s also stayed on modified restrictions.

    I hope Sabrina is okay and it just turns out to be old lady aches and pains or something.

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