Happy New Hair Year!

Christmas Eve:

after quality time with the flat iron

New Year’s Eve:


side view (ignore the ‘mad’ face, I was concentrating):

choppy, layered cut = awesomeness!

“turn to the back”:

love it!

I was vacillating between going super-duper short or something like this.  I gave my stylist free rein and this is what I came out with.  I love it!  It was great on the dreadmill this a.m., much cooler than even having my hair in pony tails.

I’ll probably go super-short in the summer, though.

So a brand new year, full of possibilities!  It was -45° C here today with the wind.  I wonder if I could get down filled jumpsuits for the poopers.  Oh, that reminds me of poor Sabrina’s vet appointment yesterday.  I managed to sneak her out of the house.  We were gone 45 min to an hour and Apollo didn’t even wake up from his after-lunch nap on our bed.  The vet gave Sabrina a good examination and identified some arthritis in her spine (right at the hinged spine part), but what dropped her to the floor and elicited the (in)famous greyhound scream of death was when he probed her spine right down by her hips.  The vet jumped back and the big fella and I jumped a bit, too.  Poor girlie.  She has a pinched nerve down there.  (She had a near-wipe out on the laminate flooring on Xmas day, so that probably initiated the inflammation and back-wrenching that caused the pinching.)

She’s on a course of anti-inflams and we’ll be moving her to the mobility support food that Apollo’s on, too.  There has been much pampering and fawning over the princess.

No resolutions at Chez Royea.  Well, I have decided 2010 will be the year of knitting selfishly.  Not knitting for anyone other than me, me, ME this year.  With that in mind, I’m going to cast on another Jenny Cloche as soon as I get off the computer.  I wore mine out and about today and it’s such a FAB hat, I must have (at least) one other.

Edited to add:  just because I’m such a spoiled little b!tch, here’s my birthday present from the BEST FRIEND EVAH:

awesome stylin' new purse!

The big fella and I also got in on Operation Xmas Jammies. Thanks, girl!


5 thoughts on “Happy New Hair Year!”

  1. I’ve started the greyhound sweater published in cg magazine, and have got to the paragraph on short-row shaping when I became completely baffled. I looked up the tutorial and found it to be of no help. Has anyone completed the sweater? If so, perhaps you could provide me with a phone number so that I can go through the details. Thank you. I live in Oakville, Ontario.

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