into the new year

and my 2010 datebooks haven’t arrived yet. Panic! Panic! Maybe in tomorrow’s mail.

another "Jenny" cloche

That pattern is seriously addicting!  I used some Lana Linda bulky yarn I got from Ram Wools.  I ordered four different colours, but for some reason the brown was really rough.  The blues (above) were nice and soft.  It’s not spun very much, or quite loosely, but sure knits up nicely.

I might swap those buttons out for another.

I just used whatever buttons I had handy.  I’ll see if I can find something that works with the yarn better.

Hmm.  I just tried linking to Ram Wools’ website and 1) couldn’t find the yarn; and 2) the website has a new url and completely changed content.  Weird.  I also noticed that the yarn had been relabeled.  The Ram Wools house label was obscuring Ruthy’s Fat Yarn.  Anyways.  The blue is nice and soft.  I have another skein of it for another hat of some type.

The poopers had a tiring New Year’s:

it's hard work being this gorgeous

That’s what we call her “death mask” face.  She’s sound asleep, her jaw loosens, sometimes her tongue floops out.  Dead to the world.

dead to the world, part 2

[Greyhounds often sleep with their eyes fully or partially open.  It’s a little disturbing to be looking at them and talking to them and no one’s home!]

I’m still loving that new flash.  We visited friends yesterday who bought the same camera as I have.  I sold them on the flash – it’s just amazing what a difference it makes!

you only post my gorgeous photos to the blog, right? RIGHT?!


handsome is as handsome does

So now that Xmas and NY are behind us, time to get back to our regularly scheduled routine.  I have been consistent with the dreadmill; today’s workout was a little tough, but I powered through it.  I’m thinking of what I’ll do once I’ve completed the Couch to 5K program.  I have been checking out the Gateway to 8K.  I think for a while I’ll have to have some predetermined goal or program to keep me accountable.

We had roast beef last night for supper and I made a shepherd’s cottage pie for tonight.  Apparently I’ve been calling it wrong all these years.  Shepherd’s pie has lamb, cottage pie has beef.  Whatever, it was really tasty.  I haven’t done any “regular” baking for a long while.  I think I might whip up some chocolate chip cookies tomorrow …


One thought on “into the new year”

  1. OK, you’ve sold the Jenny cloche to me, I plan to make it in Debbie Bliss Tweedie Chunky as it is on special offer in my LYS and there is a lovely peachy mix.

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