weighty issue

I did bake those yummy chocolate chip cookies yesterday.  I weighed the flour in my new kitchen digital scale (thanks, Apollo!).  They turned out much better than the last batch.  I used non-stick cookie sheets instead of my big aluminum sheets, and had fewer to each sheet, so they didn’t meld together.

nom nom

The bottoms browned nicely, the dough didn’t spread out and make flat cookies.  Success!

did somebody say "cookie"?!


double wrap cowl

I set aside the mittens and socks for a bit to work on the double wrap cowl.  It’s really just a long ribbed scarf that you seam together when finished and wrap around your neck, or wear in one loop, pinned together.  The baby llama is quite sheddy, though.  I hope that washing it will tame some of that; it would be a pain to have to keep brushing off llama shedding from one’s clothes.

The weather was mild enough yesterday that we took the poopers out for a good walk when the big fella was home from work.  They enjoyed it.

loving the new squeakies!

Sabrina’s pinched nerve seems to be healing.  She did have one little squawk last night when she was on the couch with the big fella, but I think she just had her neck at a funny angle.  We’ll taper her down to every second day on the anti-inflams and see how that goes.


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