While I was waiting for Roto Rooter

I finished the Double Wrap Cowl (Rav link).  (We had a drain problem that was a gross, nasty clog between us and the street.  He worked for two hours and got it all cleared.  Ick.  And we’re using the wrong t.p., too, apparently.)

double wrapped

The yarn is soooo soft!  It’s Mirasol Miski baby llama, colour #112.  I used fully two skeins and it was close to the 44″ that the pattern asks for.

The single loop with shawl pin.

The pattern calls for a twist in the scarf before seaming; that makes it lay better at the back of the neck.

I did try it triple-wrapped; if it was super cold and I wanted to stop the draft, I’d triple it, otherwise, the double is quite comfy.

I'm comfy!

I also changed the button on that last Jenny Cloche:

super cute!

I might have to make just one more of these …

why are all my pics in my jammies?

Back to -30  today; poopers were content to bask in the afternoon sun.

ring-tailed lemur takes Apollo DOWN!

So now that I’m done those two projects, I’m contemplating ripping out the mittens I’d started and doing a different pattern, or casting on another pair of socks, or maybe another hat …


3 thoughts on “While I was waiting for Roto Rooter”

  1. Ooh! I think you just solved my problem! I bought some bulky cashmere on a trip to NYC in November. I tried to make something like your cowl, but it came out all wrong. I bet this pattern would work! Thanks! Yours looks awesome!

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