I don’t remember

So it’s been a week since my haircut and I can’t remember how I used to ‘style’ my hair the last time it was short. ???  It’s looked like crap every day, so I just wear a hat.  And I cast on last night for yet another hat.  But not the Jenny Cloche again.  I’m making another That Chocolate’s Gone Straight to Your Ribs hat. The one I made before was with Noro Silk Garden, and so is this one. Colour #84 which is a red/rust blend.  (However, in just looking at other projects made with it from the Rav, I see it has a hint of green in there.)  Nice. I found one lonely skein either in Saskatoon or Edmonton.

huddle together for warmth

Still very cold here.  I went out at lunchtime to run an errand and the car thermometer read -30°C.  Supposed to warm up by Saturday.  Warmth being relative, of course.

mad dog! mad dog!

He was mid-yawn there.  You can tell how intimidated and afraid Sabrina was.  Heh.

Now that the plumbing/drain problem has been resolved, I caught up on the laundry today.  I put these sheets on the love seat for a minute to go do something else.  When I came back to fold them:

she's so helpful

I hadn’t the heart to roust her from the still warm-from-the-dryer sheets.  She moved on her own a little while later and I folded them and put them away.

Your YouTube Thursday entry.  I like the little salute exchange between them about 35 seconds in. The Big Sleep (1946) was on TCM over the Christmas holidays.  I love the pairing of Bogie and Bacall, but this movie is one convoluted mess.  Here’s an article by Roger Ebert about the movie.  This was one of four movies the pair did. The first was To Have and Have Not (1944) which where she and Bogart met; then they got married; then they did The Big Sleep, then Dark Passage (1947) and lastly Key Largo (1948).  Love them!

I was browsing the Rav for some mitten ideas.  I think I’m going to use this free pattern for Basic Cabled Mittens.  (There was no off-Ravelry link for that, sorry non-Rav folks.)  I probably will still do the springy-ringed cuff design, though.


One thought on “I don’t remember”

  1. i love what cameras find that our eyes are too slow to catch. now you need to get one of the big fella like that.

    i “stole” a collection of bogart movies. they’ve been in the office in their wrappers for 4 years. no one claimed them but i wasn’t allowed to buy them and give the money to the charity. they just had to stay there.

    pah. gone!

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