The princess turns 8

Yes, it’s Sabrina’s birthday today.

What?! Where's my cake and meatloaf?!

We’re having leftovers tonight – hmm, if she wants mac & cheese casserole leftovers, I guess a little won’t hurt her.  Or she’ll just push Apollo out of the way and eat his supper instead.

Not much knitting going on.  I’ve made some progress on the No Purl Monkey socks and started (yet again) those mittens.  I think I might pick up Ishbel again and see how that lace pattern will go.  They put out an errata a few weeks ago for the written lace directions.  I’ll have to look at my pattern and notes and see where I am in that.  I think once I pick it up, I’d better finish it off as I think it might be hard to keep track of the pattern and where I am in it, if I put it down for another undetermined amount of time.

I got a Blackberry yesterday and have been trying to figure that out.  It took me 10 minutes to figure out how to send Ande a text after I got it.  I was terrified of it actually ringing as a phone – what do I do?!  I need to do some reading up on that.  Still it will be nice to have access to email and i-net as well as texting capability (on a qwerty keyboard!).

And I just got off the dreadmill after completing Week 8 of the Couch to 5K program.  One more week, then I’ll ‘graduate’!


4 thoughts on “The princess turns 8”

  1. Happy Birthday, Princess Sabrina! You are looking beautiful!!

    The chart for Ishbel is correct – I just checked it last night.

    Congrats on the Blackberry!

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