It’s not your birthday any more

Sabrina! I took some laundry out of the dryer and put it on the love seat.  I turned away to rearrange the dog beds so I could put the clean blankets back on them.

the opportunist

The princess jumped right up there and snuggled into the pile of warm laundry.  But, as the title says, it’s not her b’day any more:


It is warmer here but damper.  The humidity was 97% today.  Poor Apollo.  As soon as he got out of bed (at noon) he was limping like he was in November.  Poor boy.  He’s like Granny Clampett and needs his “rheumatiz” medicine (aka beer).  We went out for a walk when the big fella got home and it was -6, wind chill -12 and humidity 88%.  It was not the nicest walk.  We were all chilled through when we got back.

tucked in with Apollo's ring-tailed lemur

For something different I might even post a knitting pic tomorrow!

ETA: I made this Chicken Stroganoff recipe for supper tonight. I’d made it before but wasn’t that thrilled with the results. The first try it was pretty soupy (I used low-fat sour cream). This time I used 2.5 Tbs flour (instead of 2) and full-strength sour cream. It was fabulous – very nice flavour and texture and thickness. I’ll do this one again for sure!


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