you knew it would come to this

(at least if you’ve known me for any length of time):


After getting my hair cut almost two weeks ago, I kept fussing with it.  I liked it when I left the salon, but over the ensuing days I kept messing with it, this way and that.  The sides were bothering me, so I cut them shorter.  The bangs annoyed me, so I cut them, too.  The big fella commented when I came back from getting the (first) haircut that he thought I was going shorter.

ah, much better!

Each morning I tried something a little different for styling; curly, straight, in between.  Finally I admitted to myself that I should just have gone short like I intended.  I called and was lucky to get in the next day (yesterday).

nice bags. Going on a trip? Note to self: sleep more

Ahh, it feels so much better.  I like to change things up – it’s only hair, it’ll grow back.  I guess I won’t be using my flat iron for a while!

love it!

Hmm, I just clicked “uncategorized” for this entry.  As much as I go on and on about my hair I should have a “hair” category!


8 thoughts on “you knew it would come to this”

  1. better for knitted hats, you know.

    the cut looks great on you, too. i liked the other, but i know how frustrating it is to not replicate a salon’s do. i hate looking like it’s grown out of the cut after the first shampoo. it’s not right.

    when i lost 13 inches, i would accuse my hubby of sleeping around. i’d find old Katy hairs and yell “Whose is this?!”

  2. Love it. Looks great on you! I’d go that short if I looked as nice in it as you do!!


    DHC Eye Bright has been hiding my lack of sleep lately. It works very well. 😀

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