I never did come back with those knitting photos

So here they are:


I put aside the monkey socks to work on Ishbel.  Once I started back on that, I didn’t want to put it down.  I’m at the last two sections of lace, the edging pattern.  I am pretty sure I messed up the lace somewhere in the second repeat of pattern A, but until I get it all stretched out blocking, I won’t be able to see where.  I ended up on two separate rows being off by one stitch, so I just added an arbitrary YO where I thought it would look okay, and the other row I slipped a stitch instead of doing a YO.

The lace pattern repeats are mostly 8 rows long, and excepting the edge borders and the center stitches, the lace repeat is only 8 stitches, so pretty easy to move along.  The lace is a mirror image, the second half of the row is a reversal of the first half.  So I’m pretty sure that’s where I’ve messed up, in forgetting a YO or adding an extra one in.

If you look at the 5,000+ projects on the Rav, the Ishbel is a pretty popular pattern.  I think it’s because even though it looks complicated, it’s not.  The pattern gives two sizes, a large full sized shawl, and a smaller, scarf-like shawl.  A lot of people have done combinations of the two sizes, i.e. the small size stocking stitch section but the large lace, or the reverse.  I’m doing the small.

Fanta No Purl Monkeys

Those socks are also addicting.  The No Purl version of the Monkey socks pattern is pretty quick.  The pattern is an 11-row repeat, but 7 of those are straight knitting, so it moves along quickly.  I’m using Zitron Trekking Maxima in colour 904 which reminds me of Fanta’s Orange Crush pop.

I brushed him into a coma!

Apollo passed out and gone ‘zombie eyes’ after being brushed.

speaking of eyes, how pathetic are these?

Poor mistreated little flower.  Where’s her pillow?  You expect her to rest her face on the bare (soft) leather?

well, that's a little better

It was very warm over the weekend (sloppy roads and salty snow on the sidewalks) and we had the poopers out for a good couple of long walks.

happily exhausted


Apollo rides the wave of four dog beds

After vacuuming yesterday.

Oh, in other news, I’ve finished the Couch to 5K program – yay, me!  Now I’m going to move onto a program that is in the Running Room Book of Running.  It’s an advanced 5K program that goes back to 10:1 intervals.  I hope that will let me build up some speed (and consequently distance).  While I’ve completed the C25K program, I didn’t run 5K, but the 30 minutes continuously.  I find that amazing!


5 thoughts on “I never did come back with those knitting photos”

  1. I can’t believe you abused her so. Pillow denier!

    Your projects look edible. I love the colour. I could never knit with colours like that because I’d be so happy about the colour that i’d never be picky about the look. I’d wear that colour no matter how the final piece fit. You have discipline.

  2. In the last picture Apollo looks like the “Princess and the Pea”- “Who put that pea under my mattress? Please remove it so I can get my beauty sleep. Now.”

    I love the colour of the socks. You’ll have to wear them with short pants.

  3. It is amazing, and awesome! And while not all running days will be easy, I think you’ll really love how quickly you can build up endurance and go farther and faster. Love it. :). Nice no purl monkeys, I’ll have to check them out, I started the pattern awhile back but didn’t like the yarn I was using.

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