no more No Purl

Finished the socks this morning:

No Purl Monkey socks

I quite like this pattern; the more I work it, the more I want to work it!

Trekking Maxima #904


such yummy colours!

More photos on my Rav project page. Now that I’ve finished them, I reconsidered the turquoise mittens I’d been messing around with and ripped them out.  I just don’t feel like doing mittens right now.  I just want to make more socks!  I will start another pair of socks, but I want to do a sweater project next.

I have some Cascade 220 in a grey heather that I am swatching.  I might make a Mariah.


Yeah, you wish you had her life.

he's so handsome


OMG! We got cookies!!

The other night I made my favourite Swiss Steak (in the oven) and Buttered Noodles w/ Garlicky Bread Crumbs. I used dried bread crumbs instead of fresh and should have reduced the amount.  They weren’t as buttery as they should have been.  Still tasted good!  Next time.

shake a leg, Apollo!

5 thoughts on “no more No Purl”

  1. Monkeys on fire! You’re inspiring me to knit a pair. I’m knitting gym socks at the moment with a single ball of bamboo wool.

    Ear rubs to the poochies (they are indeed handsome!).

  2. Yay Monkey socks! I am glad I am not the only one knitting bright socks at the moment…
    I felted my last monkeys (homespun) and want to make a chocolate pair next…you have inspired me again.
    Your cooking always sounds so wonderful! I feel guilty just reading…
    Love the pups…A.xx

  3. Hello: I am new to the knit blog. I love reading yours and look forward to it every day. Thanks so much for sharing knitting, food and the dogs. Unfortunately our 10 year old german shepherd, Houston (named because one day we knew we would have to say, “Houston, we have a problem.”) passed away in December 2009. It is good to see other loved dogs.

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