once upon a time

there was a pattern I really liked.  But I matched it with the accursed paprika Classic Wool:

the back of the Must Have Cardigan

I did the back (above) and the two fronts, but wasn’t liking it.  It’s been a few years so the details of my distaste have faded.  I tried to use the yarn (unsuccessfully) in two other projects, and now it just sits in a basket in the basement.

But!  I’m not to be deterred.  I did a swatch last night with the Cascade 220 with a view to starting the below-linked Mariah.  The more I read the pattern, the more I decided against it.  I really like the sleeves and the cable detail on the body, etc. but the neckline just seems so awkward and unflattering.  The hood seems odd, too.  If I were to make it, I’d have to mod it a lot to make it to my liking.

I took the Patons Street Smart pattern book out and found a slew of notes and spreadsheets and charts from the first time I attempted the Must Have Cardi. I am also haunting the Rav MHC group as well as the Rav project gallery for the pattern. While I can knit a sweater from scratch or take a pattern and make mad modifications to it, sometimes it’s nice to be a follower and just make subtle tweaks to an already-figured-out pattern.  Which I probably will do here.  I am thinking of maybe making it a v-neck pullover, but then a cardigan is always more versatile than a pullover.  I’ll figure that out once I finish the back.

I have also cast on another pair of socks using some great Regia Hand Dye Effect yarn (colour #6552) I was coerced into buying by Judy. She’s such a bad influence. Heh.  I am doing the ribbing for the cuff and will decide what pattern I’ll use (if any, other than a simple ribbing) for the leg when I get there.


3 thoughts on “once upon a time”

  1. Thanks for the compliment. Hey- Prairie Lily’s having a 30% off sale right now. I’m working there tomorrow- c’mon down and I’ll coerce you into buying some more yarn.

  2. You really should come down to Saskatoon before there is no more wool left at Prairie Lily.

    Sounds like you need a rubbermaid tub for a “timeout bin” for that Classic Wool.

    1. That damn Classic Wool has BEEN in the timeout bin for a couple of years and its attitude still hasn’t improved. Must think of a good, punishing pattern for it.

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