epic recipe fail

I was watching the food channel the other day and caught an episode of “Giada at Home”.  Since she stopped doing Everyday Italian and started this new show, there haven’t been many recipes I’ve been inspired to try.  But!  But this one looked interesting!  It was for Trinidadian Chicken Stew.  It began quite uniquely by caramelizing some brown sugar in olive oil, adding chicken pieces, etc.  I printed out the recipe and read some of the comments/reviews and followed their advice to add some additional seasoning (I added some cayenne, paprika, garlic, thyme as well as the called-for salt, pepper and ginger).   Well.  I almost smoked us out of the house getting the brown sugar hot enough to caramelize; I opened windows, and kept on cooking.

After the 45 minutes of simmering the chicken was tender, the veggie were done (and the potatoes turned a groovy orange colour on their exterior).  But the flavour.  Ugh.  There really wasn’t much flavour other than just a bad, bitter taste.  I didn’t burn the sugar, so it wasn’t that, but it was just a nasty tasting meal.

Even the big fella (king of leftovers) refused a second helping and in fact said to throw it out.  Blech.  I was very disappointed.  It could have been a really tasty dish.  But it wasn’t. 😦

In knitting news, I did start the Must Have Cardigan the other night and am working on the back.  I plan to make the body longer, add some waist shaping and other small mods.  I also worked on the current socks and I believe they, too, will be No Purl Monkeys.  I wore the new orange ones the other day and was dazzled by their fabulousness whenever I caught sight of them.  And these will be turquoise!


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