mind shift

So when I started this running nonsense, I read a few books, read a TON of web pages and training plans and decided to go with the Couch to 5K plan, which over the course of 9 weeks, got the runner running 30 minutes continuously (and perhaps unrealistically implying that one could run fast enough to cover 5K during that time).  My speed is a slow 5 mph.  Any faster and after several minutes my heart rate would get too high.  For the longer intervals during the final 3 weeks of the program I had to slow my speed down to 4.8 or 4.7.  So certainly I wasn’t covering 5k/3 miles in distance.

With that mindset, when I was looking for the next thing to move onto, I found many programs that just said “Day 1, 3 mile run” and so on.  Nothing giving me times, etc.  I did initially like the Running Room 10:1 run/walk interval method. But after doing two complete weeks and one day of week 3, I wasn’t satisfied with it. So I revisited some blogs and sites.

I found this blog post very interesting. Basically, she examines a method of run/walk intervals and how specifically it impacted her running workouts. She actually had quicker times when taking walk breaks because when she was running, it was at a faster pace. Hmmmm.  (The information to which she refers is on Jeff Galloway’s site.)

That started me thinking.  Who cares if I take walk breaks?  I (like many commenters on the a/n post) always thought that if you were a “runner” then walking was giving in/up and wussy.  But there are no running police.  If I can enjoy the activity more and do more mileage and be comfortable, then why not take walking breaks?  It was a big mental breakthrough for me.  I do want to continue with this, building mileage and hopefully in time, speed.

I found another interesting article here and this jumped out at me:

“Contrary to what you might think, the technique doesn’t mean walking when you’re tired; it means taking brief walk breaks when you’re not.”

On Sunday I did the Gateway to 8K Week 1 workout.  It starts with 7:1 run/walk intervals.  Over 41 minutes (including 5 min warm up/cool down walk and three one-minute walking breaks) I did 3.1 miles.  It was in some ways tougher (28 minutes of actual running) but also easier (7 mins instead of 10 running).  I am intrigued.

Wait – I found a very good article here by Jeff Galloway.  I agree wholeheartedly with this.  He speaks to marathon training as well as beginning runners benefiting from walk breaks.

Next workout I think I’m going to try 5:1 intervals, but at a quicker pace.  Just to see how it goes.

Oh, and I might need to get some of these:

Adidas Supernova Glide

in my travels.


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