forget last week’s lava cake

this one is sooooo much better:

mmmmolten lava caaaaake

Oh, so delicious!  (And with ice cream this time.)  This is the recipe from Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen. It uses two more egg yolks, and icing sugar instead of granulated sugar so the batter is satin smooth.  This, incidentally, is also the same recipe that’s on the box of baking chocolate (I used the dark again).  Six thumbs up.  No, wait, it’s five thumbs up.  My nephew came for supper and he has his arm in a sling due to a dislocated shoulder, so five thumbs.  A definite keeper.

We went to Saskatoon yesterday and got new running shoes (both of us) and I made a stop at the yarn store and scored some yarn at 30% off.  I didn’t stock up, but got a few skeins for a new project: this cute little greyhound pup(Rav link). Non-rav link here.

momma's got new shoes!

I followed advice from some online running forums and tried on many different brands.  I love Adidas for my kicking around runners, but for the treadmill they’re a little wide in the toe/foot.  I tried on some Nikes, some Saucony (blech), a couple of different New Balance, and a few Asics.  I was so torn between the New Balance above and these gorgeous Asics:

Ascis Gel GT-2150

They both felt so good.  I ran around the store a few times with each pair and was having a hard time deciding.  The Asics did have more cushioning but I found the New Balance just slightly narrower than the Asics, so decided on them.  The store has a 30-day return policy as long as they’ve only been used indoor (treadmill/track), so after my run tomorrow if they don’t feel right, I can return them.

The poopers, of course, came along for the trip:

Sabrina uses Apollo's bulk for comfort

A nice weekend!


4 thoughts on “forget last week’s lava cake”

  1. Yes, Riley raved about the wonderful dinner you served him. And by served, I literally mean, SERVED him. He made sure I knew that you actually cut his meat for him. (and apparently that means you love him more than me). He’s trying to use this one to get out of everything I ask him to do. Noooooo Auntie Terri doesn’t spoil him at all……………………….

  2. Oh My dOG! That’s the freaking cutest thing I think I have EVER seen!
    And the cake looks good too….
    Oh and Nike Free is the way I like my runners…

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