that doesn’t look good

After our fabulous supper Sunday night, I picked up my knitting and did a few rows of the back. When I picked it up the next day … I noticed my mind had been absent and I messed up two or three rows of one cable panel. It must have been a molten lava coma:

zigged when I should have zagged

I could see just by looking at it that it was wrong, so I isolated the stitches involved in the fracas and dropped them down six or seven rows.  I worked the rows back up, but I didn’t get it quite right.  Then in a fit of insanity, I thought one or two of the stitches in the same row on the other panel were wrong, so dropped down and “fixed” them.  But they were okay in the first place, so now I’d just messed it up.  Grrrr.  I think the Must Have Cardi curse is alive and well again.

Sabrina’s new job these cold days:

following the sun around the living room

couch right side to couch left side to floor to love seat!

time to clean their teefs

You can see the latest war wound Apollo has – that big gash on his back foot there.  Poor boy.  I think he sliced it on a jagged icy edge in the back yard.  The big fella went out and looked and there’s nothing else he could have cut it on.

OMG!! We got chew bones!

They lurve their chew bones!


3 thoughts on “that doesn’t look good”

  1. Poor boy…get well wishes and kisses…
    My dog has the same sun seeker job at my house. I have a picture of her sleeping with her head leaning on the wall where the sun was shinning up higher than the floor…I keep it in my wallet…too funny
    Happy knitting!

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