… utterly defeated …

I’m usually a pretty determined person.  But I have admitted defeat.  Once again, the Must Have Cardi curse has beaten me down.  I was moving along on the back. There was that messed-up row where I tried to drop down and fix the cables.  Sort of.  It was still messed up, but I wasn’t prepared to rip it back and redo. I didn’t think it would be that noticeable and was prepared to live with it.

moments before the surrender

Then last night I was knitting away and did a cable cross  that seemed wrong (cable on the edge of the right arm hole).  I was going to fix it when I saw it was actually the prior crossing that was wrong (6 or 9 rows below).  I started to drop down and fix it, but decided to rip it.

I did pause ripping just below the previous messed up cables with a brief thought of picking up and starting again at that point.  But then I thought about having to do the back again, the two sleeves and the two fronts.  And I gave up.  So it’s all ripped out again.  Back to the drawing board.

I’ll just work on some socks while I gather my thoughts and peruse my patterns and the Rav.  There’s 78 pages of patterns from which to choose for a worsted weight cardigan.

Dapper Dan wishes you Happy Valentine's Day!

When I came home the other day I was taking off my coat and scarf and Apollo was all up in my business, so I wrapped it around his neck and knotted it.  He’s so flambouyant.

I’ve got a cheesecake in the oven for a family supper tomorrow night.  I’ll serve it with a raspberry coulis and chocolate sauce.  Next I am going to work on a braised blade roast for our Valentine’s supper.  Rumour has it dessert will be lava cakes (again).  Yum.  So easy and so delicious!

nice roses

Not Valentine’s Day roses, but gorgeous all the same!

Edited to add:

Supper was fab!  I ended up doing only the roast in the dutch oven; I didn’t have enough room for potatoes and carrots.  I braised the roast for 4 hours, then let the roast rest while I reduced down the braising liquid to make a gravy.  Super delicious!

And for Kris:

Sabrina all bent out of shape ...

… because she didn’t have a photo in today’s blog entry!


4 thoughts on “… utterly defeated …”

  1. I wish you’d posted that top pic before frogging it. I probably would have told you not to. I can’t see the problem.

    Apollo does look so handsome. We might have a grey in his colourway for Easter (not to eat – to live with)!

    Enjoy your Valentine’s meal. We’re having a family Toblerone fondue to celebrate.

    Ear rub to Apollo – and Sabrina. You know, she’s going to get mad at you for not including her in this posting.

  2. Yes, Apollo certainly is looking flamboyant, but he can get away with it with his handsome long snout and overbite. It’s just so him….

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