let’s try this

The Central Park Hoodie:

the back, just past the beginning of the arm hole shaping

Although in full disclosure, I did have to rip it back about 8″ to fix a mis-crossed cable.  I need to pay more attention to the cable crossing and less to the tv, I think.  But it was a Tom Selleck movie …  The pattern is here and the Rav project link is here.  I am pretty sure I won’t be putting a hood on it; there are a few projects on Rav where people have left it off and instead just made a ribbed collar.

I did search a lot on the Rav for modifications, (waist shaping, in the round, raglan instead of set in sleeves,  etc.)  but in the end decided to just do it as the pattern is written.  Oh, well I am making it a couple of inches longer in the body, but other than that, no changes.

I found another cute sweater pattern I’ll probably made when I’m done the CPH:  someone has taken the February Lady Sweater and made it into a scoop-neck pullover.  The February Fitted Pullover. (Rav link)  I have some Malabrigo that would work for this.  Or some Classic Wool.  I’ll have to stash dive and see what I come up with!


3 thoughts on “let’s try this”

  1. Oh, that’s going to be nice. I can also see the February Fitted pullover in a nice paprika colour. Don’t you have some of that in Classic Wool your stash?

  2. I could take the paprika cursed wool off your hands! LOL
    It’s looking nice! You know you could have made the Street Smart one sans bobbles…just sayin’

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