S. S. S.

or short-row shoulder shaping!  I was at the point on the back of the Central Park Hoodie where one would cast off the “stair steps” shoulder shaping for six rows.  I’d read on the Rav about instead using short rows to shape the shoulders and then do a 3-needle cast off for the shoulders.  I decided to try that.  I had to put it down last night to review how to knit up all the wraps.  I’ve got the shaping on both sides, so I think I need to work across the right (as in not-wrong) side, pick up those wraps on the left shoulder, then purl back, casting off the middle neck stitches (instead of leaving them live – I like a firmer edge for the collar), then purl up the wraps on the right shoulder.

We had company this weekend.  The big fella’s nephew came to visit.  He was working a few hours away and decided to drive up Friday morning to stay with us.

Sabrina was glad to have another minion to adore her

There was pooper-walking, big steak supper on Friday, Olympics-watching, the guys went to a hockey game last night and we went out for drinks and a late supper afterwards.  We were up waaaaaay past jammie time last night!

Poor Apollo got dispossessed of his bed:

oh, poor Apollo - only a double-layered feather bed to lay on

Apollo does love his routine – he kept walking down the hallway and didn’t know why the spare room door was closed to him.  “But … But … that’s my bed in there.  Where am I going to sleep?!” He got to sleep on our bed during the day, so that softened the blow a little for him.

Sabrina wasn't bothered at all

Back to those short rows.


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