cold weather cooking

It went to something ridiculous like -29°C this morning, then when it did warm up we had a wind chill to contend with.  I made a comfort supper of hamburger hash and bread pudding:

yummy bread pudding

You can find the recipe here.

We took the poopers out for a long walk, even though it was chilly and windy.  When we got back, the big fella gave them some liver bits:

nom nom nom - liver treats

They both got the same amount.  I decided to take a photo of Mr. Handsome … but Sabrina was having none of that:

whut? were you trying to take a photo of something?


how about this, that better?

Miss Bossy Cow putting the smack down on Apollo getting any attention.

nom nom nom!

(Although you can still see Ms. B.C.’s back on the bottom of the frame.)

I finished knitting the back of the CP Non-hoodie and am almost at the armhole shaping on the left front.  I was looking at the buttons I’d purchased for this and think I’ll need something a little more substantial.  I looked on etsy but didn’t find the exact right ones.  I’ll have to google buttons to find some other choices.


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