I don’t want to jinx it

so I won’t put our puffy down jackets away yet.  If I do, surely it will bring down the wrath of the snow gods and we’ll get a blizzard.  Happens every time!  We’ve had a week of really warm, melting weather which is somewhat unusual for here in mid-March.  The walking path is completely clear of snow and ice, and there are large patches of grass along side now.

with the warm weather, we've been walking those dogs off!

Apollo is much like his mommy – thrives on routine and hates change, things being out of place or not how they should be.

"but this is WRONG - fix it, FIX IT!"

He didn’t want to get up so I could put the nice clean (and warm from the dryer) blankets back on the dog beds.  It bothered him, but not enough to get up and let me put the blankets “right”.

The CP Non-Hoodie had an extra day in blockland.  I noticed the one front wasn’t blocked as wide as the other (due to lack of space on the blocking pad), so yesterday I removed one of the sleeves, freed up space and reblocked the front.  I hope to get sewing it together today sometime.

In the meantime:

No Purl Monkey

I’m working on getting the second sock to the heel flap point.  The yarn is quite sheddy and splitty, but the colours are so fabulous, I am ignoring that.

I did 4 miles on the elliptical this a.m. and  I think the technician’s visit was successful.  The squeak was gone and didn’t come back at the 30-minute point, as it had been for the past two or three workouts.  Woot!


5 thoughts on “I don’t want to jinx it”

  1. I love that photograph of the Princess’s feet. I also like your no-purl monkeys, but not as much as the feet.

    Not much of a day for walking dogs here either. Pouring with rain and blowing a gale, or two.

  2. That first picture gave me … pause. The puppies are so sweet.

    You’ve inspired me to knit up a pair of no purls monkeys with a matching set of mini micro no purls monkeys. They are blocking as I write.

  3. I may be jinxing it from here, but the pooches are off to the shave salon next week. the house is such a mess with their hair and assorted things that it carries in (birdseed, leftover whatever-it-is that comes out Wallace’s other end, and so on) that I’m willing to have them be a little chilly should it cool off in exchange for a cleaner floor.

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