We had some very nice chicken breasts left over from Saturday’s supper, so I tried this awesome recipe for BBQ Chicken Braid.  I used my bread maker’s rich butter roll recipe and let it do the hard work.

chicken, bread and cheesy goodness

The recipe says to use your favourite bbq sauce, so I made a batch of the fab Memphis Blues BBQ House recipe (the Super Secret recipe which you can find here!).


I will be adding this to my recipe page, and will definitely make it again.  The big fella gave it two bbq-sauce laden thumbs up, and Sabrina and Apollo also enjoyed their little morsels.

While we’re on the subject of food, I was very happy to find these when I was at the grocery store the other day:

what IS that?!

I love oatmeal, cream of wheat, etc. and while I’d heard of steel cut oats, I’d never seen any before.

so delicious!

They take much longer to cook than “regular” oats/oatmeal, but the end result is worth it.  I’d eat them for breakfast, lunch and supper!  Yum.

Yesterday I sat down and started the finishing of the CP Non-Hoodie.  I was a little worried about the set in sleeves (if given the choice, I prefer raglan).

easy peasy

They sewed in quite nicely, no buckling or ripples.  I took my time and was very particular about them.  I did one side seam, but still have the other side seam and the two sleeves to sew up, then begin the front button bands.  The Cascade 220 blocks out very nice and shows the cable definition great.

With the continued mild/melting weather, we had an active weekend with the poopers.  They’re a little out of shape!

newsflash: "exhaustion takes down two greyhounds"

I had to actually wake them up to give them their supper.  Poor poops.  They love being outside on the river path and meeting and greeting and soaking up the sun, sans coats or sweaters.

Oh, and for Nick, who was concerned that poor Sabrina was in any way being slighted on the attention/noms/spoiling scale:

who loves ya, baby?!

She’s got her eye on you!

Okay, I’d better go do some work, then get back to sewing that sweater together!

oh, and p.s. I am sooooo loving that elliptical – it’s teh awesome!


4 thoughts on “OMGWTFBBQ!!!?!”

  1. That dinner looks/sounds delicious! I adore your photos of the puppies. Betcha can’t even remember life without Apollo 🙂

    I haven’t been able to reply to your comments … am loathing blogger these days. When time allows, I’m thinking of switching to wordpress.

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