Central Avenue Non-Hoodie

The Central Park (Avenue) Hoodie is finished.  I sewed the buttons on last night. I tried to make a blog post all day long, but had other things come up.

I have no idea what's with the wonky eye.

My notes from my Ravelry Project Page:

I made the size 40, hearing that many people said it was a small-fitter. My gauge was smaller than the pattern, 19 st/26 rows = 4 inches. I figured with the larger size (40) and my smaller gauge, it would all work out to the fit I prefer. It did. Pattern gauge was 17/24.

love the buttons!

I lengthened the body to 15” before doing the armhole cast off/shaping. I read many people found the sleeves too long and adjusted, but as I normally have to lengthen sleeves in my projects, I left them as the pattern directs; they’re perfect for me.

cable sleevey goodness!

(I’m totally loving my little remote for my dslr.)

Instead of doing the stair-step cast offs for the shoulders, I did short row shaping, then did the 3-needle cast off for the shoulder seams. Very nice. This was the first time I’ve done that and will continue from now on. I’m a convert!

Oh, another thing – many people were concerned that the sleeves were too tight. I was worried a little about it, but I didn’t do any alterations and the 12.5” was just fine.

When I was doing the cast offs, etc. for the armscye/sleeve cap, instead of doing the “cast off 2 st” I just did double decreases so there was a nice smooth line: k1, ssk, ssk, work to last 5 stitches, K2tog, K2tog, K1. In retrospect (and had I read ahead a few lines) I could have gone K2, ssk, ssk etc. and that would have been consistent with the following decreases. But it’s not noticeable.

back cables

Instead of the hood, I did a 2×2 ribbed collar. I picked up the stitches as for the hood, but simply k2p2 for 5.5 inches, then cast off in rib.

My buttons were 7/8” and I did a 2 stitch, one row button hole. I picked up 116 stitches for the front bands (each). I did the button holes on Row 3 of the band ribbing (I did 8 rows total). I used 6 buttons.

This is a nice classic cardigan. I really enjoyed making it and will get a lot of wear from it. One thing I didn’t like about the pattern was the really crappy photos. I found lots of good project photos on the Rav, so that was helpful. The photos on the pattern don’t show a full-frontal shot of the sweater nor do they show the buttonhole/band option, just the crocheted loop. The model for the grey sweater always had her arms crossed in front or behind and you couldn’t see the sweater detail. Grr. But other than that, I really liked it.

Final measurements:
chest: 19.5 (x2 = 39)
body length to underarm: 15
sleeve length: 19.5
armscye depth: 8.5
sleeve circ @ widest: 12.5

oops! Didn't mean to click the clicker!

There’s more photos on my flickr page in the sweater set, as well as on my Rav project page.  Now time for some gratuitous greyhound content:

I have NO idea what Sabrina was thinking here.

We have had new neighbours move in next door.  There has been much noise, vehicle traffic and disruption.  Their driveway goes along our living room wall (outside) to their garage at the back of their lot, so we hear everything when they come and go.  Not to worry, Greybourhood Watch was on top of it:

don't try anything hinky!

From her perch on the love seat she can see their driveway and street next door.

gotcher back, mommy

If it’s not supper time, walk time or car ride time, Apollo’s not bothered:

let me know if there's any cookies forthcoming

10 thoughts on “Central Avenue Non-Hoodie”

  1. Gorgeous sweater – I now think I also like the collar better than the hood. Hoods are nice but definitely not as practical. Love the poopers. Hope all will be ok with the new neighbours.

  2. awww, that Sabrina gets me every time…love your cardi! The collar is very chic and your remote thingy is such a good idea, I need one!!

  3. That jacket looks really nice. I had looked at that pattern before but did not like the hood, but you have made a jacket I really like.

  4. Central Park looks awesome on you! I like the collar instead of the hood. It’s one of my favorite cardis, although after seeing yours I wish I had knit your collar instead of the hood.

    Too bad about the noisy neighbours, but it’s a good thing you have greyhound patrol…lol!

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