bits and pieces

After our little brush with “spring” the weather hasn’t been as nice.  We haven’t had much new snow, but it’s not been as warm, melting and sunny as it had been.  Still pretty good for March, though.

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After finishing my CP Non-Hoodie (which I have worn often since then!), I knit on the No Purl Monkeys for a little bit.  Then I started a cute project I’ve had my eye on for a while:  the Diggerdy Dog greyhound! (Rav link)

greyhound pieces

I finished the last of the “pieces” last night (the tail).  I have a couple of problems with the pattern, though.  The designer states that she used Sirdar Eco Wool DK, but then says its North American equivalent would be worsted weight.  Um, no, actually it wouldn’t.  It would still be DK weight.  The wraps/inch for the Sirdar are 11, and that is DK.  There is no gauge given on the pattern, but it used a 3 mm needle.  That is what I normally use for DK/sport weight when I do socks, so I assumed that this would also require a similarly firm fabric and disregarded her “worsted” instruction.

I picked up some DK yarn when I was at the yarn store last, specifically for this project.  I picked out some houndlike fur colours.  The pattern also states that you would need less than 50 g of the DK yarn in the “fur” colour, and less than 20 g in the white.  The white is no problem, I bought 50 g of that, but I also have some Regia 6-ply sock yarn in offwhite.  However, by the time I was doing the tail, I had run out of the 50 grams of the fur colour.  The Sirdar Eco Wool has a yardage of 100 m, as does the Sandnes Garn “Smart” that I’m using.  ???  So I had to dig around and try to find something that wouldn’t look so jarringly different than the brown tweedy yarn I’d been using.  I’m not sure how successful I was with that; I ended up using a dark scrap of Noro Silk Garden Light.

Of course of the remaining colours I’d chosen for this, I only have one 50 g/100 m skein each.  So I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that.  I wanted to make a few of these to use for our greyhound group’s fundraising picnic in September.

I am going to knit the pants today, and hopefully start sewing/stuffing it.

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