introducing Henry

Sabrina gives Henry a little nibble

I spent HOURS yesterday (until 11:30 pm) sewing, stuffing and detailing this little guy.  I had planned to make a couple of these for our greyhound group auction, but I think one will be enough.  He sure is cute.  The photos I’ve taken don’t convey the absolute adorableness that he embodies.

Apollo and Henry

I think I’m going to redo his eyes and nose.  The brown yarn I used is almost invisible next to the tweedy “fur” yarn.

ol' brown eyes

I think black would work better.  I’ll revisit that in the next couple of days.  I also want to knit him up a little white stuffed bunny and have been looking on the Rav for suitable patterns. There’s a few good possibilities there.

custom designed baggy pants

You can see at the base of the tail there where I had to substitute the Noro Silk Garden Light to finish it off.


There’s a few more pics on my Rav project page and also on flickr.  As I said in my last post, I did run out of yarn, so I question the yarn amounts on the pattern.  It was an easy knit – small, easily done pieces.  The time intensive part is the seaming and stuffing, then assembling.  I decided to embroider the eyes instead of using the eye/buttons like she does in the pattern.

"he's not staying, right? RIGHT?!"

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