Henry’s had some work done

(just eyes and nose). Much better:

he's still got that head-bob, though

I also knit him up a little bunny companion, this Amigurumi pocket bunny (Rav link).

squeeeee! so cute!

I used the same white yarn as I did for the tips of Henry’s paws.  The body/legs are knit in one piece, then you knit the four other pieces (2 ears and 2 arms which are identical).  Put some stuffing in, sew the arms/ears on, put its face on.

an unlikely pair

I’m going to have a really, really hard time giving these two up for the greyhound auction.

Henry and friend

His mugshot – with his new eyes and nose:

"I can see!"

While I don’t think I’m a convert to knitting a lot of toys, I absolutely love the finished product.  I think it was worth all the fiddly diddly aggravation of sewing/stuffing/assembling it.


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