Happy Gotcha Day, Sabrina!

Four years ago today we brought Sabrina home.  She was fresh off the track and very concerned about where she was going in life.

Will there be food? Will there be cookies?

The first few days were traumatic for her (and us).  She’d never been alone EVER (like other racers, they’d always been with their littermates, other hounds at the farm, hounds and trainers at the track – never alone) and it was a scary thing.

It was much like this:

funny pictures of cats with captions

But after a few days, she realized that yes, indeed, her new mommy and daddy might leave, but they’d always come back.  That same day she discovered how comfy the couch was, and in a week or so the bed.

While she's a little whiter/greyer in the face,

she’s spent four years ruling her kingdom with a velvet paw.  She plays her cards right, she might get a little bit of the hot hamburger sandwiches I’m going to make for supper tonight.


8 thoughts on “Happy Gotcha Day, Sabrina!”

  1. Happy Gotcha Day, Princess!

    And we’re really looking forward to meeting your cousin Mandy today for her first Gotcha Day!

  2. Happy Gotcha Day, Sabrina!!

    I would SWEAR she was our Fiona in that first photo. It is scary how similar Fi was to Sabrina…

    Sounds like their personalities were very similar as well. 😉

    Have a HAPPY, HAPPY day!!

  3. I have tears!!! awwww…love your posts (I’m a big suck for Puppers) giggling and sniffing…she is beautiful and so lucky and I think you are lucky too. A. xx

  4. Happy Gotcha Day Sabrina!
    Just remember who put the greyhound idea into your mommy’s head…that’s right…LOL…now go ask mommy for cookies and tell her auntie say it’s okay!

    1. yeah, that’s right. You inducted us into the Cult of Greyhound. You’re responsible. THANK YOU SO MUCH! LOL! (cookies being distributed now)

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