freeze to breeze

After it being ridiculous with windchill the past week, today’s high is supposed to be 18° C.  That’s on the plus side.  I might have to put air in my bike tires and give it a whirl.  I did an hour (and 6 miles) on the elliptical this morning but could still go for an easy pedal.

Sabrina in another moment of glamour

Friday night we did have Murphy’s Hot Hamburger sandwiches and oven fries and gravy for supper. Oh. Very. Good. Sabrina and Apollo got a little bit of burger and gravy for their supper time treat.  I did have a little trouble with the gravy, though.  I used lean beef and I’m sure the recipe was made for regular.  So when I was done cooking the burgers, there wasn’t a lot of grease in the pan.  I started adding the flour but before I had added a couple of spoonsful, all the grease/drippings had been absorbed and instead of a lovely bubbling roux, I just had a floury, dry clump.  I tried to add some oil to make it more roux-y, but didn’t have much success.  It ended up being lumpy, but still tasted quite good.

Apollo Long-legs in the sun

I have been working on the No Purl Monkeys and have one heel/gusset decreases done and have started on the second.  I’ll have a progress photo tomorrow when they’re both past the gussets.  The yarn is very splitty and I have to watch carefully, but the colour progressions are very nice.

a better photo showing Sabrina's little grey face

With the socks well underway I’ve been looking through my faves on Rav and through my patterns for what I’ll start next.  Another pair of socks, of course, but what else?  A short-sleeved sweater?  Another Ishbel??  It’s all up in the air.

lazy weekends are greyt!

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