no more No Purls

because they’re done:

Regia Hand-dye Effekt Colour 6552

I finished them two nights ago but didn’t get around to grafting the toes until yesterday afternoon.  I really love the colourways of this particular line of yarn, but the 5% acrylic content consists of one strand of thread so it makes the yarn very splitty when knitting.

Apollo obliges for display purposes

I did six repeats of the lace pattern for the leg and five repeats for the foot.  There are a few more photos on my Rav project page.

Since I finished these, the earth has not been firmly on its axis because I have absolutely nothing on my needles.  Not a stitch.  I’ve been fighting off the panic by trying to decide what to start next.  I couldn’t even decide what sock yarn to grab and cast on for another pair.

Sabrina’s advice?

It's always a good time for a nap.

To make sure the blog isn’t too heavily weighted with Sabrina photos, here’s a blast from the past:

When Terri Met Apollo

That was at the greyhound picnic; the time stamp on the photo is 2007/09/15  12:46 p.m.  That’s Apollo’s foster sister Molly in the x-pen with him.  “Will you be my new mommy?”  How could I have resisted?!

2007:09:15 12:46:35

5 thoughts on “no more No Purls”

  1. You’re amazing. I can’t imagine having only one project on my needles! The socks are beautiful, and displayed to perfection.

    And I can totally see why you were won over by Apollo. I read your mind when it came to “irrisistable”.

  2. Your monkeys are lovely. (what a funny thing to say!) I love that pattern and am glad to see this yarn, I have been wondering if I should stock it at the shop. Good job with the socks and thanks always for the pup pics. A. xx

  3. I know what you mean about nothing on the needles. I have been circling some merino lace for days, warily eyeing it up and wondering what to do with it. I’m almost afraid to make a decision because what if I find a pattern I like better? In the meantime, my fingers are itchy and I feel almost panicky.

    I thought of Apollo the other day as I made friends with a greyhound outside Costco here. He too was a lovely fellow.

  4. what gorgeous yarn colors – I love how the color slowly changes from blue to blue to blue 🙂 – I admire folks who make socks on a regular basis… I have knit a couple pairs, and have some in the queue but the casting on and starting is difficult for me for some reason…. once I’m in progress it’s easy… not sure why the fear! 🙂

    Hug the puppies for me!

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