Why did I hate you before?!

So after I finished those gorgeous blue No Purl Monkeys, I was flat out in a panic by not having anything on the needles.  I looked at a bunch of sock yarn and couldn’t even make a decision about which to grab to start a pair.  In my rummaging I came across that Zauberball Crazy sock yarn  (#1702) that I’d started to make socks with back in December.  It didn’t end well.  They got ripped out, the yarn banished to the time-out section of my stash (yes, roommates with the accursed Paprika Classic Wool).

I retrieved the yarn and started a pair of socks (appropriately dubbed the Panic Socks) and here’s how they look today:


I’m using a 64 stitch cast on, and after 1×1 ribbing for 1.75″ I’m doing a 7×1 rib for the leg and instep.  I love these colours.  I love this yarn!  It wasn’t you, sock yarn, it must have been me!

I still haven’t decided on my next sweater project, but it might be this short sleeved sweater ( Rav link) with the lime green Classic Wool. Or it might not. Could be some sort of cardigan.

On the cooking front, on Friday I made this delicious Old Fashioned Beef Stew. When I looked at the link online, I had no recollection of ever making it, even though my paper copy got the “very good” notation on it and had some gravy stains. I blindly went in and made it and it was really very good. I added dumplings at the end because the big fella loves his dumplings.

For the fam Easter supper I made Dauphinoise Potatoes which were also very, very good.  It’s a good thing we had a nice supper meal because all I’d eaten that day was one piece of peanut butter toast and a Lindt Gold dark chocolate easter bunny.  Yummm.

No pooper pics today – how could I top Apollo’s winsomeness in the last entry?!


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