The Panic is over

that is, the Panic Socks are done.  And now I have nothing on the needles again.  Cue the panic!  Actually, I found a couple of really nice sweater patterns, so I just need to decide between them.

Zauberball Crazy #1702

There doesn’t seem to be any definite repeat or pattern to the colour progressions.  I love how bright and vibrant they are, though.

comfy and soft, too!

This was on Thursday:


after which the weather turned crap again – very high winds, below freezing temps, etc.  Blech.

Make it warm again, mommy.

Sabrina proves again, it’s always a good time for a nap:


3 thoughts on “The Panic is over”

  1. Oh, Sabrina is ridiculous! I snagged that sunbathing cockroach pic and am going to text it to Nick, he is stuck working in some very yuck windy weather and it’ll cheer him up. Poor handsome Apollo. Hope you get Spring back again soon.

    And nice happy socks!

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