sunshine after the rain

We had some cold weather this week, topped off by 2.5 days of steady, heavy rain. Yesterday the sun came out, but it was still windy and cool. Today seems much nicer (still windy, though).

the princess enjoys the sun's warmth

Also compounding the misery was the fact that the big fella had to be away from home for five nights.  Oh, the horror!  Oh, the trauma.  Sabrina was beside herself with mopery.  The rain just added insult to injury.  Poor thing.  She’s all recovered now, though.

I haven’t had a lot of knitting time; I’ve been preparing for a work meeting on Monday (which will likely be an all-day affair) and getting my crap in order.  Still have more to do, but right now I’m waiting on other people to get back to me, so I’ll finish up my prep work over the weekend.

After browsing patterns on the rav, I finally decided to start this sweater: St. James. (Rav link )  It looks nice, a little more refined than a simple raglan.  I like the collar/bow detail.  I’m using the leaf green Classic Wool.  The gauge is 18 st/4″ and my usual (preferred) gauge is 19 st, so this is slightly more drapey than, say, the Central Park Non-Hoodie.

I saw this on Ravelry:  Dale of Norway is releasing/offering free some of their patterns.  You can get a couple on the Allegro Yarns site (scroll to bottom to see the two booklets available for download). Cool!

Did my 3 miles on the elliptical this morning; going for a bike ride after lunch.


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