this working is cutting into my knitting time

I didn’t get to knit for two whole days!  Gasp!  But our meeting for the month is over, I spent some time yesterday doing the minutes and assorted admin stuff from it.  Still have some tasks to do, but I’ll pick away at those over the next few days.

It's a bird! It's a plane! (Well, it's a CF-18 jet)

We occasionally get aircraft from the Cold Lake Canadian Forces Base drop by our airport.  Sometimes they just fly over, sometimes they do touch-and-go landings.  Often they fly right over our house.  The big fella and I run out onto our deck and watch.  This was on Monday.  Wiki link: CF18 Hornet.

Some pics of my knits in progress:

Sockhead Hat with Fribranatura "Yummy" sock yarn


Lana Grossa Meilenweit "Solo" sock

I have both socks going at the same time.  Here is one cuff in progress.

St. James with leaf green Patons Classic Wool

The colour is much more pea-greeny than it shows.  It’s a more vibrant hue.  The pattern calls for the raglan increases to be kfb/slip marker/kfb.  I normally do a M1 which is invisible.  I decided to go ahead with the kfb for something different and to give a little detail.

raglan detail

I’ll leave you with this:

Apollo's own brand of glamour

2 thoughts on “this working is cutting into my knitting time”

  1. that is a yum yummy!…which colourway is it? I have three colours in stock at the shop but I think this one is really pretty! Good to know when I reorder for fall…
    I know what you mean about work getting in the way…I own a yarn shop and spend some days doing bookkeeping with no stitches…sniff. Hate that…
    give my luv to the pups! A. xx

  2. Our cottage is near a US Air Force base, and when the Blue Angels (stunt jets?) come to town, they fly so low it sounds like they are about to fly through our house!
    We run out to look too.

    And Apollo’s ear should be the dictionary definition for ‘rose ear’.

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