the house of crooked noses

After Thursday’s wonderfully warm temperatures, Friday we were plunged back, in true Saskatchewan fashion, to April weather:  cold temps, wind, rain mixed with snow.

the princess expresses her displeasure


Apollo's displeasure was expressed by messing up the blankets

They had a nice afternoon in the c-a-r yesterday while we ran a few errands.  Nice and warm in the car.

Crooked Nose #1


Crooked Nose #2

I put aside the St. James sweater.  I am past the splitting of the sleeves from the body and have done a few rounds into the body, but I really should try it on before I go any further to make sure the armscye (is it still called that on a raglan?) is deep enough.  I picked up the sockhead hat and am in the stocking stitch section of that now.

I made an awesome chili last night (good cold weather fare) and I want to bake something today, but I can’t decide what.  Cinnamon buns?  Brownies?  Sour cream chocolate cake?  Cookies?


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