May 1st and the weather is crappy

In fact the weather has been shite for the past week or so.  Cold, rainy, gloomy.  The poopers are not impressed.

nothing to do but sleep

I did get them out for a good brisk 2.5 km walk on Thursday during a brief break in the rain.  Good thing because by the time we got back and settled, it poured buckets.

He's awake here ...


and here, but mostly they've been asleep

He must have had a nightmare that the big fella ran out of beer, or we ran out of chicken, or cookies.

who's in charge of this weather?!

I’ve put some time in on the Solo Socks:

the flash makes the colours brighter

In ‘real life’ they’re quite a bit darker; hard to see when I’m knitting at night.  I’ve had to go back and drop down some purl stitches a few times when I’ve purled instead of knit.  I like the colourway, just that it’s hard to see at night.

I am going to work on these now until I get them done, then I’ll go back to the St. James sweater.

If you loved me, you'd make it stop raining.

Must go check on supper in the oven; starting to smell good!


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