35, 32, 50% and $10

It’s snowing today.  I’m not surprised.  Annoyed, yes, but not surprised.  Supposed to be nicer tomorrow.

this is the "35" in the title

I was doing laundry the other day.  I counted – there’s 34 pair there, plus the pair I was wearing.  Hmm, you’re right – I should cast on another pair for myself immediately!

32 chocolate chip cookies

that I made Sunday afternoon.  Interestingly enough, even though I used the infallible Cooking for Engineers Tollhouse Cookies recipe, these spread out quite a bit when baking.  The last time I made these, they were perfection.  But I noted a previous attempt I had the spreading-out problem again.  I started to wonder if the fact that I was using butter that I’d previously frozen was the cause of the spread.  A little googling revealed that, according to the Joy of Baking, it is best not to use butter that has been frozen for baking, as freezing can affect the texture of the butter and change its moisture content. When the butter thaws it can be grainy with droplets of water. Well, that’s an interesting premise and I think that’s what’s happened here.  They still taste great, but they are not as chewy as the ones made with fresh butter.

I forgot to share these the other week:

the 50% and $10 in the title

Mark’s had these marked (heh) down to 50% off, and I had a coupon for a further $10 off.  Score!  They’re cute little red Mary Janes, not quite flats but a very low wedge type heel.  I thought they’d look cute with skirts and capris in the summer.  You know, when it stops snowing and summer actually makes an appearance.  I did wear them out two weeks ago when we went for supper.  They looked really cute with a denim skirt.

strange goings-on in the living room

Actually, that’s pretty much the usual scene of an evening here.  The big fella stretched out (as much as the princess will allow) on the couch, Apollo snuggled close by on his bed.

"oh, hello, Mommy!" blink blink

I’ve been using the Bowflex we recently purchased.  After my first workout, I had to sit down with the manual and figure out a more efficient work out.  I was forever taking the seat off, putting it back on, moving the hand grips from pulley to pulley, rinse, repeat, etc.  I had read online here on amazon that if one downloaded the manual for the Extreme2 there were many more exercises listed.  Now the (PR3000 which we have) and the Extreme2 are very, very similar in the mechanics and structure of the machine.  The difference seems to be that the middle pulleys on the Ex2 are quickly adjustable for width, whereas on the PR3000 you’d have to use a wrench to move the pulleys.  Too bad, because I found an exercise that would be so good for my mid back muscles, but I’m not going to interrupt my workout to move the pulleys in to do just one exercise.  I can do it with dumbbells instead.

Anyway, I was reading the manual for the EX2 and it also had nutrition plans, and more detailed work out plans.  If you watch the commercials, it says something about “only 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week for six weeks” insinuating that you would be ripped like the models if you did so.  Then the teeny tiny small print at the bottom says something about with exercise and following their nutrition plan.

Aside from the fact that you’d have to do the advanced programs (45-60 minutes 3-4 time per week), I was really shocked that their “Body Leanness Plan” consisted of many processed foods: instant breakfast drink, Sara Lee bagels, processed soups, frozen entrees like Weight Watchers, Lean Cuisine, etc.   Also, the caloric intake for women goes from 1200 for weeks 1/2, to 1100 weeks 3/4 down to 1000 weeks 5/6.  That’s insane!  I’d be dead after six weeks of that crap.  Or the big fella would due to my irritability!  Heh.  No thanks.

I’ll stick to my elliptical workouts, weight training and eating a sensible diet.  I will likely still have a fat ass, but at least I’ll be strong and happy.

hmm, is it time for bed now?

11 thoughts on “35, 32, 50% and $10”

  1. Wow! I’ve just notice that I can comment directly from the feed page! I loved that pic of all your socks. You could use that for a Ravatar!

    Those shoes are cute. I’m tempted to head down to Marks right now. Trouble is, they’ll probably be all out of my size.

  2. What a post! Cookies, lotsa sox, dogs, cute shoes…
    Regarding the Bowflex: We’ve got one, and my only complaint about it is that I don’t use the same weight for every exercise, so there’s a certain amount of downtime between exercises. I lack the discipline to use it on a regular basis, but I’m going to cancel my gym membership, since I may as well ignore the equipment I already own as opposed to ignoring stuff I keep paying for.
    Whaddya mean, we won’t look like in the commercials?

  3. for some reason, WP thinks “shoes” is naughty and has been holding the comments for moderation.

  4. You can always use more socks!
    You need to hide those shoes when I come visit. Otherwise they may find their way into my bag with Apollo.

    1. You wouldn’t have any room for socks once you got Tubby McPoundage stuffed into your suitcase …

  5. Oh that Sabrina! She just made my day…your shoes are gorgeous and I hope summer arrives the minute you read this. Now, I know I am a total slacker cause I only have 4 pairs of socks…one ancient pair on the way to the can…A. xx

  6. Very adorable shoes. And the socks are super. I actually could see 4 different yarns that I have also used. And who wouldn’t need more socks if it is still snowing in May. Brrrrrr!

  7. 35? Thirty five pairs of socks? Huh…

    /slinks back to her knitting bag to pull out the yarn for her… first pair. Hopefully

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