It’s not looking good for the lemur

Sabrina has eviscerated it one too many times:

hellllp meeeee ....

There have been little white bits of lemur guts all over the house.  I have just been stuffing them back into its carcass, but I think the wound is gaping enough that I need to do some surgery.  The other side is pretty much the same, gaping hole, stuffing falling out.

I had hoped to have these socks finished long before now.  The big fella was away at a conference for four days and I wanted to put in some knitting time, but work and other things got in the way.

almost to the toe decreases

It’s weird how much brighter they show up in a flash pic.  They are soooo dark to work on.  I’ll be glad when I’m finished them.  Then I’ll have to start a pair for ME!

Last week I tried out a bread recipe from the Betty Crocker Best Bread Machine Cookbook that I got from the library.  It was pretty good – really, can freshly baked bread be anything but?!  I used all-purpose flour but wanted to experiment and try it with “bread” flour.  Apparently there’s more gluten or something in “bread” flour and it has a different weight per cup than a/p flour.  So the other day I tried it again with the bread flour.  It seemed to be a lighter texture and it rose quite a bit more than the a/p version. Here’s the recipe, strangely found on the Livestrong website.

The weather continues to be not the greatest.  Still managed to get out for a cold bike ride the other day and some good walks with the poopers.  We’ve had smatterings of rain showers, but no deluges, so hopefully it will warm up soon!


2 thoughts on “It’s not looking good for the lemur”

  1. We have the Robert Rose “Best Bread Machine” cookbooks. They’re made for the Canadian market.
    We mostly have success with them.

    I wish there were a website like Ravelry for cooks.

  2. It would sure be a shame if you couldn’t save the Lemur because Sabrina DOESN’T HAVE ENOUGHT TOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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