the c word

Around here there are a few words that are guaranteed a reaction.  The “c” word is one of them:

did someone say "chicken"?!

I asked the big fella last night if he was going to eat the left over chicken.  Ol’ Eagle Ears up there heard that!  Incidentally, they also ping on the words “kitchen”, “mitten”,  “bitchin”, etc.  Just like when I say “cooking” and they think I’ve said “cookie”.  You’d think with ears that big they’d be more precise in what they hear.  Or it could just be a giant conspiracy to get more cookies and chicken.

mittens, not chicken

I started a pair of mitts last night using a partial ball of Noro Silk Garden and some of the lime Classic Wool.  If this works out nicely, then I think St. James will be ripped out as I won’t have enough to do both mittens and the sweater.  We’ll see.  I want to knit a bit further along to see where the Noro starts to change colour.  I might rip it out.  I’m using 3.5 mm needles to get a really dense fabric, even thought these are worsted weight yarns.


6 thoughts on “the c word”

  1. Yeah for cute Apollo photos!

    He’s so cute with the socks on in the previous post, but those ears–fabulous!

  2. What is it about chicken eh? My Boston goes nuts when I am cooking it and won’t leave me alone until she gets a piece.
    I love your photos but the second one didn’t make it here so I will imagine those mittens for today. A. xx

    1. Did you try reloading the page – the mitten pic is there.

      In the interest of full disclosure, we do give the poopers cooked chicken on top of their kibble every night, so they do have a vested interest in any chicken produced in the home.

    1. they do have that – “she’s got the car keys … does that mean WE can go?!” “I heard a plastic container open – does it contain chicken?!” LOL!

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