too tired for a good photo

so all you get it a crappy BlackBerry photo of my mitt:

Noro Silk Garden and Patons Classic Wool

I did break off the navy blue because it seemed like the entire Noro part of the mitten could have been done with the long colour repeat.  I had some scraps of Noro from the ring-cuffed mittens.  Now that I think about it, I think I had to break the yarn on those, too.  I guess the Silk Garden must have longer colour runs than Kureyon?  Anyway, I like how the colour stripes look together.

I haven’t started the second one yet because I was busy yesterday and last night getting ready for my meeting today (which was out of town and I was gone all day).  I might do the tip of the mitten differently on subsequent pairs.  This is the Ann Budd basic mitten pattern (Rav link) and the decreases are evenly spaced over the round, instead of doing a “toe” like decrease and having a flat top to graft together. Although I did graft together the 8 stitches left.  I had intended to do the cuff with the springy ring horizontal ribbing, but it was too fiddly and was bugging me, so I did the ribbed cuff instead.

No pooper pics – they were abandoned this morning, but the big fella spent the afternoon at home from work, so they’re recovering from the near trauma of spending the entire day alone.


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