Mitten # 2 underway

I decided to do the second mitten differently to try out some changes:

springy ring cuff

I’ll still do the “body” of the pattern as I did the first, but I am going to do the shaping at the top like a sock toe.

So I had an epiphany of sorts a couple of weeks ago.  I was digging through my summer clothes and trying things on.  I put on some shorts and looked in the mirror.  Gah!  They are not the most flattering shorts to begin with, and it struck me that I have reached the point of where I need to revisit the age-appropriateness of my wardrobe.  If I were a 46 year old with a killer body, I wouldn’t concern myself.  But, alas, I am not.

Last summer I discovered that skirts were really quite comfortable to wear in the summer instead of shorts.  Revelation! I had before hand never worn skirts very often and certainly not in summer when I could wear shorts.  But now as things have shifted around on me, I don’t feel that shorts are doing me any favours.  Enter the capri.  Previously I disdained the capri:  shorts?  pants?  make up your mind!!  But now, I present:

Capri, a Haiku

oh, how I mocked you

yet you cover the results

of middle age spread


3 thoughts on “Mitten # 2 underway”

  1. u r 2 funny. while not technically “hot” u r not ugly or fat so wear whatever you feel like wearing. U still look much better than many folks your age by a looooong shot.

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