Sabrina & Apollo’s Big Day Out

This will become one of my favourite pooper pics:

"we're going in the car!!"

Yesterday we packed up the dogs and headed up to Waskesiu.  We hadn’t really been back since we moved, other than both of us being up there for work purposes.  It was a gorgeous day.

(Yes, we usually do have the dogs in their harness/seatbelts, but we took my little car and they like to spread out and get comfy.  Calculated risk, but we were careful.)

We made plans to visit friends and maybe do a hike on a trail.  When we arrived, their kids were still napping, so instead Bill and I took the poopers on what used to be our “usual” walk with them, down to the lake and on the path.  It got quite warm while we were walking, so Sabrina had a couple of dips in the lake.  She’ll walk right in and lay down to cool off.  Apollo is a little more circumspect (i.e. scared) so he just walks in up to his ankles.  It still cools him off.  After their races, back during their careers, they would be cooled down by having their feet stuck into buckets of cold water.  Believe me, Saskatchewan lake water in May is very cold.

We then headed out with our friends and walked down to have supper at Pizza Pete’s (aka Pete’s Terrace). They have tables on the patio and dogs are most certainly allowed.  The owner brought out pepperoni and water for the poopers (as he used to do).  When we still lived there, we would often walk down after work and the big fella (and Apollo) would have a beer.

It was such a nice afternoon/evening and really great to be back there incognito-like, as a tourist or visitor.

"oh mommy, I'm soooo tired"

The poopers were absolutely done in by all the walking and visiting!  (And the fact that they had to deign to lay down on brick sidewalk!  or bare ground!  They missed their couches.)


They zonked out solid as soon as we got home (after they had a little nosh) and didn’t move until we woke them up at 6:30 this a.m. to take them for a walk.  They were unenthused for some reason.  Heh.


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